About Isabelle Abramson

Isabelle is a 28 year-old, self-taught artist who lives and works in Boston, Massachusetts. She began to develop her craft in 2007 while working as a school nurse by day. In 2008 Isabelle began selling her work at outdoor markets and on the craft website Etsy. To date Isabelle's ceramic artwork has been featured in the Boston Globe, Boston Magazine, Boston Home Magazine, Apartment Therapy, Boston Chronicle, Daily Candy, and Epicurious.com. Isabelle's current body of work is made from porcelain, silver, gold, and platinum and focuses on incorporating patterns of negative space into functional works of art. All of Isabelle Abramson Ceramics' artwork is created solely by Isabelle and each piece is hand-signed before being fired.Isabelle's studio at 450 Harrison Ave in Boston is open to the public between 1-3pm on Sundays (excluding holiday weekends), 5-9pm the first Friday of every month, or by appointment. To stay up to date with new work that is coming down the pike become a fan of "Isabelle Abramson Ceramics" on Facebook.