About Intelligent Design

Intelligent Design is a brand that encourages the pleasure of thinking. Intelligent Design t-shirts contain graphic content that is aesthetic, meaningful and thought-provoking, without dictating an opinion. Intelligent Design t-shirts don't make statements, but provide interesting information that invites you to think and come to your own conclusions.Each Intelligent Design t-shirt comes with explanatory labels on the meaning of its design, so as to give you (and your audience) a springboard for ideas and thoughts.To find out more about the brand, its philosophy or its founder, check out the website at www.intelligentdesignwear.com

EXCHANGE POLICYIntelligent Design will exchange any full priced item within 30 days of shipping date, provided that it is intact (ie, unworn, unwashed. If the reason for exchange is a defect, please inform us within 3 days of receiving it, otherwise exchange is at our own discretion. HOW TO SEND BACK YOUR RETURNS Simply slip the item into a padded enveloppe or box along with the tag and invoice, and a note explaining reason for exchange and desired model/size. Then, send to:Intelligent Design 12 Primrose GardensNW3 4TN LondonCUSTOMER SERVICE QUERIESIf you have a query of any sort, please feel free to message us!