About Hoakon/Helga

Hello! My name is Andi and I am the designer behind Hoakon/Helga. I have a fine arts degree and my background is in textiles and jewelry. My interests include wandering through tall grassy areas and forests, and hunting through local antique shops, thrift stores and garage sales. I use vintage and antique objects that i collect on my journeys and rework them with newer components to create one-of-a-kind designs.I'm also the Editor of the online magazine ANTLER. The intent is to promote creativity and beauty in all aspects of life. Please take a look at "www.antlermag.com":http://www.ANTLERMAG.com.Hoakon/Helga is an accessories line blending vintage and upcycled materials with newer components. Named after the designers Norwegian grandparents, the line strives to achieve a respect for the past by making a unique, feminine silhouette using sustainable approaches. All of the collection is handcrafted in the Hoakon/Helga studio in Canada. Each bag is made from 100% upcycled leather and as a result, no two bags are ever the same.