About Humanitarians not Heroes T-Shirt Project

Humanitarians Not Heroes is Trong G. Nguyen's "artist-as-company" project, initiated in 2002. Established under the umbrella of a legitimate business, HNH markets one type of product a year intended for wide consumption and distribution. The project occupies traditional and novel retail spaces to sell and disseminate concepts that intersect art, fashion, design, and socio-politics. Examining the valuation of objects whose complex functions follow simple form, HNH's mission operates at the perimeters where art and capitalism converge.Similar to the categorization used in board game “Trivial Pursuit,“ the T-shirt project consists of 7 color-coded categories: Tan – Historical figuresLight Blue – Historical events or erasRed – MusicOrange – EntertainmentGreen – PhilosophyBlue – LiteratureGray – ArtWithin each of these categories are t-shirts bearing the birth and death dates of notable figures, such as Marcel Proust (blue) and Genghis Kahn (tan.) The shirts simultaneously become both the artist and wearer’s own subtle commentary on time and mortality.

Marie Curie

$ 18.00 hnh
Watts on Smith / HNH Terms of SaleThe seller will exchange or issue a full refund for all full-priced items received within 30 days of when the items were shipped, provided that the items are unworn, unwashed and retain all original tags. If you receive a defective item, please contact us immediately via email for return.For questions and customer service, please contact us at info@wattsonsmith.com.