About gneural

"gneural":http://www.gneural.com is a multifaceted design firm run by "Debbie Clapper":http://www.debbieclapper.com. I am very passionate about art and design. Obsessively drawing patterns is a hobby of mine. I was born and raised in Northeast Ohio, but I currently reside in Denver, Colorado. I have a midwest accent.I create works that challenge the viewer to go beyond surface level and to delve deeper into the piece, allowing the art to reflect their own life experiences. The use of imperfect patterns symbolizes the importance of breaking out of routine - welcoming mistakes and new encounters into our existence.Be forwarned, I will doodle on anything and everything.

*RETURNS & REFUNDS*All items are mailed with delivery confirmation. If your item(s) does not reach it's destination and there is no delivery confirmation for it, then you will get a full refund for that purchase.If your item arrives damaged, please send it back and you will receive a full refund for that purchase as well as the return shipping.