About norma gaytan jewellery

i was born in the border between juarez, mexico and el paso, texas, studied in massachusetts, then moved to new york, then belgium and as of august 2009, london, uk.my intention is to make easy to wear jewellery, simple but not monotonous. i mostly work with sterling silver and 18k green gold. some pieces i stitch with silk thread others with ribbon or some have semi-precious stones.my latest collection "dentelle" its a metal simplification of lace which was a very important cultural and commercial activity in belgium.

thank you for your interest in my jewelleryy. buyer acknowledges most pieces are hand made, some are a combination of the lost wax process. most orders are shipped within 1 week, unless otherwise noted under each piece. once shipped, purchases take approximately 5-7 business days to arrive.*all sales are final.* however, i want you to be happy with your jewellery. if there is a problem with your purchase, please send me a message within 5 days. to care for your jewelry, clean with any mild detergent and warm water.