About Franny & Franky Designs

I've always been a writer, drawn to art and design, but of the belief that I could never do it myself. I thought you were one or the other. After having my son in February 2013, I found myself constantly inspired to do more with my life. Maybe it's a way of establishing more of an identity for myself. Maybe it's to show him to always pursue your dreams. Maybe it's because he's so inspiring. Maybe it's because I'm so deliriously sleep-deprived that I'm more creative than ever.Whatever it is, I've finally been able to make my longtime dream come true. Franny & Franky Designs (named after my mother and my grandfather, two of the most inspiring people I've known) started with the idea to create state and city prints with a twist, to help people show their hometown (or other town) pride in a unique and artistic way. Soon, other ideas cropped up. Now, my shop is up and running and it's added even more joy to my life than I already had.I'm having a blast. This is what life is all about.