About FMW|fablab

FMWfablabs is a guy, a shop, some tools and a bunch of dogs. The guy, in the shop, with his tools, produces at least one of the following and sometimes all of them: useful things, useless things, beautiful things, handy things, creative things, recycled things or brand spanking new things. The dogs produce nothing but occasional entertainment. We are Ford & Hillary, the founders of FMWfablab. Ford is a blacksmith, artist and lover of cheap beer. Hillary is an interior designer, philanthropist and lover of not so cheap beer. Ford is also an artist in the traditional sense. In other words, the boy can draw. Together we are pet parents to 7 dogs and 3 cats. People say all the time that our house and yard must be huge (and also that we must be crazy). Well if you consider 900 square feet of indoor space huge, then we have a mansion and yes we are crazy! Somehow we make it work. What we lack in space we make up for by being madly in love and working towards doing the things that inspire us to get up in the morning. We shop organic, we cook every night, we don't have cable and we recently cancelled our gym membership after admitting that we were basically making a monthly donation rather than paying to work out. FMWfablab has become our baby. Thank you for shopping with us and we sincerely hope that you enjoy our product. Much love, FMW FabLab

All sales are final. FMW|fablab will gladly repair or replace any item that arrives damaged upon notification within 3 days of receiving product. You may notify us via email @ ford@fmwfablab.com. If you do not follow this policy, we will only accept damaged items at our discretion."HOW TO SEND BACK YOUR RETURNS/EXCHANGES"To ship an item back to FMW|fablab, simply pack your item and original invoice into original packaging and ship to:FMW|fablabFord M. Waters3908 Walker StreetHouston, Texas 77023 "CUSTOMER SERVICE/QUESTIONS"Please message us and we'll reply as quickly as possible. Thank you!