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Wool felt is an eco-friendly, sustainable and renewable material plus due to its high quality is durable and timeless. FilzFelt sells 100% wool felt imported from Germany by the yard and as pre-cut products and aims to promote high quality design and permanence in its materials and products. Go sheep!

FilzFelt was founded by two felt loving designers, Kelly Smith and Traci Roloff. FilzFelt is a combination of the German word for felt (filz) and the English (felt). Since we’re Americans importing German felt, it seemed like the right fit! This female run business prides itself on simplicity in design, beautiful photography, good packaging and jaw-droppingly great customer service.

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Born and raised in Northern Virginia and trained in architecture, Kelly has called Boston home for more than 10 years. After several years of using German industrial wool felt in her line of goods and accessories for her company "etcetera media":http://www.etceteramedia.etsy.com, Kelly thought it a good idea to share her love for a material with other people in the country.

Traci grew up in Wisconsin and worked in interior design and historic preservation before realizing there’s a whole great big world outside of architecture. Now a Boston resident, she is the clever mind behind the design blog "the girl in the green dress":http://www.girlinthegreendress.blogspot.com and is partial to old bicycles and polka-dotted clothing.

Callar and Junior belong to Kelly and her husband and are the resident studio dogs at FilzFelt. They sneak their way into much of the product photography and unfortunately are not for sale. Can't get enough? These vizlas have their own "website":http://www.file-cabinet.org/callar.

Wool felt is an ecological, sustainable, and renewable material and due to its high quality has an innate durability and timelessness. FilzFelt sells 100% wool felt imported from Germany and aims to promote high quality design and permanence in its materials and products. Go sheep!

*History*Even though the methods to produce wool felt have been refined over the centuries, the manufacturing principle and the basic raw material have remained unchanged. Sheep’s wool is cleaned, carded, and the fibers aligned into batts. It is then compacted and joined by moisture, heat, and agitation until a homogeneous fabric is formed – wool felt. The material is naturally moisture resistant, self-extinguishing, non-directional, available in lightfast and saliva-resistant colors, and provides thermal and acoustic insulation.*Eco-friendly, Sustainable, Green*Yes! All of the above. Wool felt is a natural product. A high standard of dye processes in Germany and contents of 100% wool make this product earth friendly. Recyclable too! Since wool felt is made of sheep’s wool and viscous staple fibers, this means that after the felt product has been used or become worn out, it can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

*Colors*Most FilzFelt colors are matched to the Pantone Matching System (PMS). Our felt is produced from virgin wool and colors 100 Wollweiß, 150 Weiß, and 200 Natur are undyed and natural. Other colorways are produced by dyeing these natural felts with textile dyes to produce a uni-colored (solid) or melange (heathered) appearance.Natural felts: 200, 150, 100Uni-colored felts: 425, 423, 476, 626, 286, 284, 308, 378, 124, 173, 201, 242Melange felts: 300, 385, 613, 713, 125, 102Please note that the color on your screen may vary from the actual product. Minor changes and slight inclusions of natural fiber on the surface are evidence of 100% natural origin of the material.*Dye Lots*There may be slight variations in color between dye lots. Natural fibers have minor variations in structure which affect how much dye is absorbed and therefore we cannot guarantee exact color matching on all shipments. Please purchase a sufficient quantity of one dye lot to assure uniformity of color if necessary.*Product Info and Cleaning*Your FilzFelt product is made from 100% wool (not a wool blend) and therefore is not suitable for washer + dryer cleaning. If soiling should occur, please spot clean with warm soapy water or dry clean. Be careful not to saturate the felt with moisture as the milling process will continue and may result in a mishapen appearance.*Sample Request*Need to see it before you buy it? We currently offer 1” x 2” felt samples of our 2mm, 3mm, and 5mm wool felt. Please contact us for more information.

*Payment*Payments are processed through PayPal which provides a secure checkout for your order and please note that Massachusetts residents will have 6.25% sales tax automatically added to their order.*Returns*Returns are accepted within 14 days of receipt in original packaging for exchange or store credit only, no refunds. All clearance sales are final, no returns or credit. Products must be returned in perfect, unused condition in the original shipping package. Shipping and handling on returned merchandise is non-refundable and all returns must be prepaid. Please do not mail any packages C.O.D. as they will not be accepted.Please ship your returns to the following address:FilzFelt Returns300 A StreetBoston MA 021210USA*Shipping*Shipping rates are calculated by weight and most items ship within 3 business days of the order date.Most items ship from Boston, MA via USPS First-Class or USPS Priority Mail. Orders shipped USPS First-Class Mail usually reach continental U.S. addresses in 2-9 business days and Priority Mail in 2-5 business days of ship date. For International destinations, please allow at least 2-4 weeks for delivery. If you would prefer another shipping method, please contact us prior to placing your order.Please note that if shipping outside of the US, duty taxes and/or brokerage fees are the sole responsibility of the recipient.

*Felt by the Yard*FilzFelt also sells our felt by the yard available in 54 colors and 5 thicknesses, please contact us or visit "filzfelt.com":http://filzfelt.com for more information or to make a purchase.*Custom Products and Collaborations*FilzFelt can provide custom sizing of our products and work with your company to produce custom designs using our felt and we love to collaborate! Please contact us for more information.

*More Information*If we haven’t answered your felt questions in the above information, please feel free to contact us at info@filzfelt.com or 617.391.6230. We love talking felt!

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