About esque studio

Experimenting with various forms and techniques, we strive to achieve a coherent vision of functional home accessories, lighting and architectural detailing. Our interest is in the inherent attributes of glass, which we infuse into each aspect of the living environment. The name esque refers to the suffix, and is a nod to the acknowledgement of outside influences and inspirations. Esque evolved through the collaboration between Justin Parker and Andi Kovel. The duo has risen to the top of their field over the past 10 years, and are most recognized for their new forms, techniques and concepts in the field of glass.Justin is known for his knowledge and skill in making enormous pieces of glass. He has taught specialty classes throughout the world, and has been invited as gaffer at the Pilchuck School of Glass for the past few years. His wprk has been featured in international magazines such as I.D., Objekt, and Glass magazine. Andi Kovel is celebrated internationally as an influential accessory designer/ glass blower, as well as for her art installations and paintings. She has exhibited with Claus Oldenburg, Damien Hirst and Kiki Smith. She has taught for NYU, Parsons, Urban Glass, and the University of California. Her work has been featured in Echoes, Surface, Interior Design, The New York Times and Sculpture magazine. Our list of clients include Jim Dine, Kiki Smith, Tony Oursler, Robert Rauchenburg, Lenny Kravitz and Eva Ziesal. Esque’s most recent accomplishments include a new glass line for Ralph Lauren, inclusion in Time Magazine’s “Design 100 – today’s most influential international designers” and a pot on House & Garden’s “New Tastemaker’s” list.

Final sale, no returns or refunds, as each piece is carefully hand made to order, and inspected to meet our standards of quality prior to shipping.