About ekate designs + the orchard art house

ekate designs started as soon as i learned to hold a crayon. i am an everything girl and wouldn't/couldn't think to be anything else. my life is my art and it spills into everything. always. i am a singer/songwriter and lover of music. i find beauty in my own backyard and take pride in that skill. i like variety in my artistic endeavors and in my life. and i tend to deal in layered meanings and symbolism more often than not. my favorite thing to do as of this moment is blending song lyrics with jewelry. it makes me ridiculously happy.i'm nostalgic, sentimental, and creative to a fault. i have boxes and boxes of photos, ribbons, pearls, newsprint, vintage calendars, maps, patterns, and fabrics. the list goes on. everything has meaning and can be re-purposed into something gorgeous. i guess that's how i see tragedy in life too. that you can muster up whatever strength you have and build something beautiful with whatever it is you're given. and there's certainly power and redemption in that.