About eeCee bb

Sounds like -----> e.c. bb... see?eeCee stands for "ici" - "here" in French.eeCee bb embraces the immediacy of imagination, and the place where life unfolds...eeCee bb designs are "made real" in Linden Hills, USA.(Minneapolis, Minn.) Our studio is six blocks west of Lake Harriet, right behind the bakery.eeCee bb works with kids in our studio, as well as at a distance, on collaborative design garments made especially for them. We also find inspiration from nature, play, toys, animals, friendship, light, poetry, dreams.Find more photos of eeCee bb designs and collaborative work at our self-named website.eeCee bb imaginative clothing can be made-to-order in most children's sizes. People love our re-invented pure cashmere Love Lids for all ages, sweaters, tee shirts, scarves.Most fabrics are pre-shrunk, and some hand-dyed. We hand-print and craft all of the imagery you see on the designs. Softness and joy-to-wear are our top priorities. Intimate care goes into each creation, and each sweet detail.We'd like to help you select the best sizes for your purchase according to the size and age of the child. Ask us and we'll get it right.Watch this Supermarket shop for new and signature eeCee bb designs. Buy often! We love you.Thank you really so much! eeCee bbBeth Bogle