About cordinated

Cordinated was started by Juli + Dan. We are two musicians living in the West Loop neighborhood of Chicago who are tired of seeing boring black music equipment littering our loft / practice space. The room really needed more color, so we started wrapping our cables with bright yarn. It really brought them back to life and gave them a great aesthetic quality for a normally overlooked, but necessary piece of gear. Then we decided to start making them on our own. Dan was already spending most of his free time, outside of being a real mechanical engineer, learning the electrical side of things. He was building tube amps and hand-wired effects pedals that began to take over our dining room. It was a simple step to start soldering cables together for Juli to use all her extra knitting yarn stash to wrap them. It got out of control very quickly and a few craft fairs later Cordinated is going full speed ahead to put an end to all the ugly knotted cables cluttering every musicians space. We hope you will take a Cordinated Cable to your next gig and look like a freakin' genius on stage :)

These cords were made to last with great skill and attention to detail but if, for some reason, you are unhappy with anything about your cord we will take it back and refund you the purchase price if we receive notice within 10 days. You must pay for shipping the item back to us. We will not refund any payment until we receive the cord.To return an item ship it to: 1115 W Lake StChicago, IL 60607We here at Cordinated try to be very accommodating, if you need any help whatsoever with purchasing, shipping or using your cord, please feel free to email cordinated@gmail.com and we will be happy to help you!