About Catching Dreams

<< Welcome to my shop! >>About the owner....Mirjam de Ruiter has enjoyed different cultures, in a bohemian kind of lifestyle, all over the world. When living in Canada she was taught a lot about the native culture. She then took this knowledge home, now making personalized and modern inspired Dreamcatchers in her own studio in the city center of Amsterdam, NL.Whilst traveling to the tropical island of Bali she became overwhelmed by the beauty and mystery of the island, with all its colors, materials, fabrics and beautiful people; she now finds treasures and brings them to your doorstep.-**-Dari Bali is a separate label of Catching Dreams; handcrafted products using traditional techniques of the Balinese culture and embracing the ancient Hindu culture that teaches us to love and live in respect for your surroundings. All items and materials used are personally sourced on this, and its neighboring, island and put together according to own designs by a generation old Balinese family business.-**-The Dreamcatchers are all one-of-a-kind and handmade in the original way, decorated with beads and feathers, most of them gathered through nature or from native traders in America and Canada. Also possible custom made.Please feel free to contact us with any questions or order inquiries at: "text"info.catchingdreams@gmail.comAnd please visit (and like, like, like) the facebook page: "text"http://www.facebook.com/catchingdreamsbymirjamderuiter/"Live your Dreams!"\