About Carrie Saxl Jewelry

With a penchant for combining unexpected materials and pushing the envelope of traditional techniques, Carrie Saxl's jewelry puts reinvention at a premium. Add to that an aesthetic dictated predominately by organic modernism and it is little wonder that her work leaves a lasting impression.Carrie works out of her custom built studio cottage in Napa California where she lives with her husband and new addition Charleston "Charlie" Saxl.

Carrie Saxl jewelry is handcrafted in our Napa, CA studio using only the highest quality materials.Materials used include: sterling silver, 14 carat goldfill, 24 carat vermeil, semiprecious stones, freshwater pearls, coral, shell, and wood.While we do our best to make sure each piece of jewelry looks exactly like the image listed please keep in mind that because we use natural materials in our designs that occasionally an item may vary slightly.We want you to be happy! If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us via telephone or e-mail.Because our jewelry is made to order we are unable to accept returns or exchanges. We guarantee the quality of everything we make and are happy to provide repairs on all jewelry.