About carnevale

welcome to *carnevale { clay }* pottery for your everyday. as an artist i believe an object tells a story. my work is functional, inspired by objects that have been present throughout history- a cup, a plate, a spoon, a water jug... timeless, clean and simple. these sculptural vessels, like the human figure, change from every view point. equally as important is how it feels to be held and used- the kind of object that enhances the aesthetic of its setting. each piece is as unique as the process it takes to create it. the imperfect line & the off-centered object is the art.all work is hand built (coil & slab) stoneware in my studio presently in denver, co.~ available for wholesale @ carnevaleclay.com ~ all work is finished with food safe/ non toxic/ lead free glazes~ hand washing is recommended for longevity & microwaves are not recommended due to uneven heating