About cantilever and press

cantilever and press are environmentalists, crafts people and explorers; we hope to bring some creative stuff forward without making a huge impact on our planet.we like wood and paper. sometimes we’re cool with metal as well, but mostly in bike form.we reside in canada, which is just north of america.we have 2 cats, 3 dogs and no space for people.cantilever and press is our outlet to the world; thoughts and designs that might make use of old things and create some new ones.the items designed and presented are functional and beautiful in the eyes of their creators, and we hope you think so too.the items created here are reclaimed, made of FSC certified woods and paper, and are well thought out to reduce waste and our footprint on our environment.almost all of the wood goods (rhyme) can be customized if you like. please refer to the projects for more details. you can also contact us at hello@cantileverandpress.comyou can also visit us at cargocollective.com/cantileverandpress to see more custom projects.enjoy.