About Build Your Block

BUILD YOUR BLOCK PILLOW COLLECTION IS OFFICIALLY RELEASEDBuild Your Block, a Brooklyn based company, is proud to announce the release of theirfirst pillow collection.Creator Patrick Chirico was inspired by the delis, brownstones, and abandoned buildingsthat he walked past daily in his small Brooklyn neighborhood and translated the imagesinto a five-pillow collection.The image on each pillow was created from an original photograph and comes in fivedesigns: Corner Deli(10.5''x 8.5''), Abandoned(12''x 7''), Modern Complex(13.5''x9.5''),Brownstone One(10.5''x 7.5''), and Brownstone Two(12''x 7''). Each pillow is made from 100% cotton and is printed in two different colors.The idea behind Build Your Block is so everyone can recreate a Brooklyn street in theirown home. They can pick and choose the buildings and colors that most inspire them,and arrange them on a couch or bed to give their décor a cozy, urban feel.If you’d like more information about Build Your Block, or to schedule aninterview with Patrick Chirico, please call 315/783-4766, or email Patrick atmonkeymynameis@gmail.