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Brigitte Thériault was born in Quebec City in 1974. She perfected her technique at the Cegep du Vieux Montreal (1991-1994) and at Concordia University in Montréal, Canada(1995-1996) where she also touched upon the art of cinema.Opening her own studio in Quebec City, she began her professional career in photography. Since 1988, she collaborating with a wide spectrum of clients for different industry as fashion , reporter, portrait and publicity.Above all, Brigitte Thériault’s true passion remains in discovering nature’s wonder while traveling the globe. And since travels and photos are inseparable, Brigitte immortalized them with a passionate eye. Brigitte uses a traditional approach: shooting slides or films, mainly in 6x7 format camera. Her carefully selected images are then retouched by using computer programs such as Photoshop which allows the artist to give each photo its unique flare. The style, atmosphere, and even the colour of her photographic works are then transformed to create a world governed by both the real and imaginary.________________________________________________Brigitte Thériault takes immense pleasure in presenting nature in its purest, simplest form. She reveals the most intimate secrets of nature through her poetic landscapes.Brigitte masters the art of a balanced composition instinctively. She affections logic arrangements. Sabrina Clitandre.M.A.. Art Historian / Translation by Josée-Gabrielle La Bar"Fed by numerous journeys since my childhood, I remain even today amazed by the beauty of the world which surrounds us. So, I chose the photography to pay tribute as much as possible in the perfection of the nature and emphasize the slightest detail of this blessing. According to me, there is no more beautiful art than the chaos organized according to the natural laws where from appears the harmony that we all look for. Through my photos, I apply to show that the art is not the privilege of the Man and that every element which surrounds us is a living work of art which it is necessary to respect and to protect. To summarize, my work is a hymn to the nature and to the life." Brigittewww.brigittetheriault.com