About Borboleta Affair

Hello. I'm Veronica. I'm part Swedish/Hungarian/Thai. I'm currently living by a canal, in the suburb of Bangkok, in a town called the "city of lotus."I'm not a trend follower. Usually when I design, I do it to fix a problem in my life. Let it be a bag that doesn't have enough pockets for all my junk, so I have to design my own; or a dress that gets too wrinkly during my travels, that I have to choose my own textile and make one!I have loved making things by hand since I was 8 years old. I can't stop buying different kinds of fabrics from different countries. I love making them into something I can wear. Well, it's more than love, because that was all I want to do. After college, I worked for a while before completing a two –year fashion design program at an Italian school in Bangkok. All along I only designed and sewed for myself though.Two years ago a happy incident happened that changed my mind about keeping my designs to only myself.I was invited to teach a bag seminar at an Emergency Home for Women in Bangkok, Thailand. When I learned that it's a shelter for women who were raped, abused by partners, or pregnant without fathers, I decided to teach for free. The coordinator asked me to design and teach how to make a diaper bag. Something simple, she asked. This way, women in the shelter can make by themselves. Practical, so that women can carry all of their necessities. I designed a bag according to the request.The coordinator and I believe that creating things by hands, and doing so in a loving atmosphere, would help them heal.The workshop turned out to be a success. The young ladies loved their handmade bags, and we had a great time making them together. I went back a week after to check on them, and met one of my students who had just given birth to a baby boy. She told me how she was so proud when packing things in the bags she made by herself.I realized that the designs I made as a hobby, that I adored, meant something to someone. That was such a happy moment for me.I decided to not keep my designs to myself anymore. Later on that year I published a how-to book on how to make my favorite bags (in Thai). When my book was published I started a little studio making handmade bags and clothing.I’ve been battling with Bangkok traffic for the past six years. I grew tired of it and dreamed of a workplace I can bike to. I found a little space just about a 10-minute bike (along the canal and then a small lake, to make things even better!) from my house. I just finished renovating it, and now I’m happily biking to work every day.Thanks for reading along, and welcome to my humble shop. : )