About BiffNLou

We are a small studio focusing on living creatively, working hard and having a great time in the process. We are crazy busy. We work hard. We play hard. We design for ourselves first because if we don’t love it, why should you. We feel the same about our business; from fabric, to production, to boutique. If we can’t stand behind our work, why should you.We love the process of discovering fabulous fabrics and creating new, fun innovative things. We relish in the details and obsess over colors, patterns, finishing touches – we hope this love is evident. We hope you fall in love. We promise to never break your heart (or permanently borrow your favorite top).Could this be BFFs at first sight? We’d sure like to think so.

BiffNLou is happy to return any tech case and/or clutch for a full refund within thirty days from date of purchase. We are also happy to repair any tech case and/or clutch within ninety days from date of purchase. Please email return2BNL@biffnlou.com to start the return/repair process. BiffNLou will take responsibility for shipping a repaired tech case/clutch back to its owner (within the United States), but will not cover shipping for a returning tech case/clutch. Thank you for your time and interest.