About Beloved Beadwork

Hello, and welcome to Beloved Beadwork. We like to think of ourselves as revolutionaries! Changing the face of beadwork as we know it to bring you gorgeous, unusual jewellery made from perfect little pieces of glass. The secret to the beauty of our work lies in the hours of loving attention we pour into each piece. We come from an incredible beading tradition here in South Africa, and hope that our work proves what fascinating weaving techniques our fingertips employ. We are proudly African, and celebrate our heritage through the colours and imagery that we use. We work in our homes and in our studio at Montebello Design Centre in Cape Town, South Africa, and sell our treasures all over the world. Please enjoy a browse around. If you like us, why not make friends with us on "Facebook":http://www.facebook.com/beloved.beadwork , follow us on "Twitter":http://www.twitter.com/belovedbeadwork and our "blog":http://www.belovedbeadwork.co.za/blog , or even visit our shop in Cape Town?! Happy browsing.

Thanks for your interest in Beloved Beadwork. We are a small design firm based in Cape Town, South Africa, that specialises in hand-weaving glass bead jewellery using ancient techniques and contemporary colour schemes. We will send your lovely piece of jewellery within 7 days, airmail with a tracking number and insurance so that you can follow it across the world to your doorstep. If it gets lost we will resend it.Returns will only be allowed if the item that arrives differs from what you ordered or is broken. We do not take exchanges. We do, however, offer a one year warranty, so if anything goes wrong (which is unlikely!), we will repair it free of charge. Please get in touch if you have any questions about placing an order. Thanks, Anna