About Baby Hobo

Baby Hobo is a new line of eco-friendly accessories for babies and kids. Our first product featured here will be a series of one-of-a kind bib sets. Made from 100% re-purposed fabrics, these dashing little necessities will help save the earth at the same time they save your baby from fashion misery (and a wet neck and stained shirt). Which you want, right?Watch for more new products to be uploaded in the coming weeks.

Returns are easy:If the piece is faulty, send it back and I will refund your money + shipping (per the same shipping method/ cost at which I sent it to you).If you just don't like it, send it back and I will return your money, but not the shipping cost. Because you saw a picture, right? Right. With regard to exchanges, well, If you want a different one, then you have the simple option to rebuy it.And after we sort through all that tawdry business, we can be friends and hug it out.