About Aroha Silhouettes

Aroha Silhouettes started out as a moonlighting endeavor to escape the everyday routine of working a 9-5 job in a laboratory for New Zealand born designer, Tania Hennessy. Launching in 2008 with Phantasmal, a collection of eye catching three-dimensional jewellery designs made from reclaimed vinyl records, a creative obsession was instantly born.
Heavily influenced by her career in science, Hennessy lets the elements of a clean sterile laboratory show through in her jewellery designs and combines them with geometrical shapes and a dark alternative edge. By using contrasting silhouettes and utilizing white space, her style emerges as a hybrid of concept, imagination and innovation. Her distinctive designs play with bold lines that reflect on the properties of the material the piece was created from.
By also embracing the unique ability to produce one of a kind pieces, Aroha Silhouettes is able to make individualistic necklaces and earrings that promise nobody else will be wearing another piece exactly the same. Each and every Aroha Silhouettes piece is hand assembled with love in her studio in Vancouver, Canada.
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