About Amanda Thorson Photography

I'm a photographer from Canberra, Australia. I first started studying photography in high school and then went on to study it in college. When I finished school I went to work in a portrait studio and hated it! The impersonal nature of everyones photos looking the same and lack of space to be creative.I now run my own small photography business from home and I mainly do portrait photography, families, weddings, babies, modeling and acting head shots....you name it I do it. Selling on Supermarket is new to me and I love it! A chance to be creative and take photos of things other than people.My other love is music, I'm in a band and spend a lot of my time juggling photography and touring. If you want to hear some of our stuff www.myspace.com/margarethelenkingThanks for taking the time to come to my shop!

I ship products once a week on a friday, this is the only day I can get to the post office :)All sales are final, but if one of my prints is damaged in transit I will replace it.