About Ahpeele

AdAm and Hiromi met sept 13 2001 in Boston. Hiromi and some school friends took a Duck tour around Boston. AdAm (the tour photographer) took thier picture and sold it to them after the tour. There were no other customers because it was 2 days after 9/11, there was time to talk. As it turned out Hiromi was going to school directly accross the street from where AdAm stood ALL DAY long taking pictures of tourists. So they started doing lunch. That led to chaperoned meetings in the afternoon, and before you know if AdAm and Hiromi were walking dogs around Cambridge. Actually only 2 dogs, a rotwieler and a poodle. One of Hiromi's friends in Tokyo showed her boss AdAm's design web portfolio. Soon they met in New York and AdAm had a job in Tokyo. Now it's back to Hiromi's hometown. They lived in Tokyo for an amazing 2 years and then got married in a Typhoon. Once permenately bonded AdAm and Hiromi began to visualize more. So they returned to AdAm's hometown, Raleigh, NC, to start they're own company. We design and print clothes, art, and furniture taking much inspiration from traditional Japanese themes, Tokyo style, nature, street art, and life.Check out Ahpeele flickr for more photos!!!http://www.flickr.com/photos/10189394@N07/

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