About A. Benston Art and Design

I'm an artist working and living in Brooklyn, NY. Inspiration for my art tends to stem from the organic and then transform into the abstract. This concept also applies to my other forms of art (painting, printmaking, etc).A lot of my pieces are one of a kind and are often executed immediately after inspiration occurs. I do not like making more than one of each piece. However, a few of my designs I do make multiples of, but each individual piece will have properties unique to itself. If you have any questions please contact me on here or by email at aabenston@gmail.com--I also work commissioned based and by email would be best.

All sales are final. If you wish to exchange an item or the sizing is not correct contact the seller and an arrangement may be made. The item photographed is the item being sold. If there are any defects please contact seller directly and an agreement will be met. Please bare in mind that bronze will tarnish and should be taken off and buffed in order to keep its brillance. Also, all items are hand made and therefore have unique properties to each. Please allow up to 5 business days to be shipped. Thank you.