Thanksgiving/Black Friday Special! 6 Pillow set

Posted on November 24, 2010 | 0 Comments
Thanksgiving black friday special 6 pillow set 655 827064107

Build Your Block Decided to release a Thanksgiving/ Black Friday Special! 6 Pillow set for $155.00 (4 unreleased pillows)

2 Story Pillow: With its nostalgic feel with its multicolored shingles, this 2 story apartment building looks like it could belong to families on
any city block.
10’’ x 13’’

Abandoned Building Pillow: There’s a tranquil beauty in Brooklyn’s abandoned buildings, with the graffiti covering the rust, chipped paint, and cracked brick. Give your block an exquisite touch with this abandoned building pillow design.
15’’ x 10’’

Grocery 2 Pillow: Introduce this city bodega to your block, with its hand painted sign
and its classic awning.
10’’ x 24’’

Brownstone 2 Pillow: Have our own personal stoop with this iconic Brooklyn brownstone pillow.
9’’ x 15.75’’

Hotdog Man Pillow: What’s more New York City than the food vendor selling dogs? Add this mini pillow to your block to give it that authentic touch.
5.5’’ x 6’’

Streety Stuff Pillow: This mini pillow includes the little things you pass by on the side of the street like a fire hydrant, news stands, and overflowing garbage.
3.5’’ x 6’’

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