Handmade Christmas

Posted on November 30, 2010 | 0 Comments
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I stopped buying Christmas trees quite a few years ago. I think we don’t need to sacrifice a tree to bring the Christmas spirit in our homes.
So, following the tradition of Unconventional Christmas Trees and wanting to keep it low budget at the same time, I made this year’s tree out of fallen branches and handmade my ornaments.
Unconventional Christmas Tree How To


- fallen branches
- spray paint &/or acrylic paints
- brushes
- pot
- potting soil

Pick a few pretty branches from your local park. You can either spray paint them in your favorite colors or paint them by hand. I did a mix of both. The golden ones are spray painted and the blue & yellow ones are hand painted.

NOTE! If you go with the acrylic paint, cover your branches in one layer of white paint before applying your desired color. It makes the final color pop and it takes less colored paint to cover the dark branches.

When all branches are dry, arrange them in a pot. Use potting soil, it makes it easier to arrange the branches.


-old greeting cards
- envelope paper
- beads
- buttons

You can get creative with the materials you use to make your ornaments. Look for whatever you have lying around the house and have fun.
Do a Google search for Handmade Ornaments, you’ll find quite a lot of tutorials and “how to’s”

Happy Holidays!

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