Guest curator: Wantist

Posted on December 22, 2010 | 0 Comments
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Today’s guest curators are the lovely Brittany and Jacob Reiff. They’re the husband and wife Co-Founders behind Wantist; transplanted Texans who call Portland, Ore. home, they share their live/work studio with a crazy catahoula named Everett.

Wantist is a curated collection of gift ideas with a one sentence interface. Together they hand-select products from all over the web, continuously adding to and editing the collection to provide a go-to gift resource, year-round.

You can find them on Twitter @Wantist.

Vintage Inspired Freight Tags
By L2 Design Collective

Being gift hounds, we always keep an eye out for interesting gift packaging. Simple wrap topped with striking details like these screenprinted tags make us want to go build a tower of presents.

Large Folded ‘A’ Vase
By Romi Ceramics

When the tactile beauty of paper is translated into a porcelain vase, how can we not be smitten?

Snap Scarf in Gold Tweed
By Samoy Lenko

Versatile accessories are the best kind. We love that this snap scarf looks great on guys and girls, has a snazzy striped linen lining and can be worn long or snapped around the neck. The only problem is fighting over who gets to wear it.

Bole Werc Suuri

Perhaps we’re a little partial to Sara & John’s description of this item, “give a gift of the pacific northwest to someone,” but we love the combination of organic materials and minimalist shapes.

Big Bow Pillow Cover
By Soraam

When something is distinctly feminine without being gooey, to us that’s a home decor dream. There’s some details that really make the print on this cotton cover quite lovely—the stripes, the dots, the folds of the bow. Nice.

Normanville Red
By Little Houses

Oh Little Houses, the things we love about your coat. Asymmetrical buttons, awesome. Cozy 100% wool, toasty goodness. Folded tufts at the shoulder, a nice touch. A big red hood, really how could @redhooded resist?

By Neiko Designs

This structured bag serves up a minimalist aesthetic and turns the casual man dapper. Its square shape, wooden dowel handles and luxurious hand stained leather caught our eye and we’re having a hard time looking away.

Thousand Hills Necklace
By Beloved Beadwork

Every assumption we’ve ever made about beadwork is suddenly forgotten. This necklace is stunning. Its form is sure to turn heads and the yellow/gray color combination is always a winner.

More-Light: South 3rd
By Re-Surface Design

Juxtaposition—it’s our favorite thirteen letter word. We imagine this graffiti lampshade somewhere unexpected—over an antique dining table or in a kitchen full of family.

Dream Hug

We’re inspired every day by creative people who make wonderful things and follow their dreams doing so. With Wantist fresh out of the gate, this shirt rang true to our hearts. Time to go give our dreams a big ol’ hug…