Guest curator: Brooklyn Bride

Posted on January 25, 2011 | 0 Comments
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Today we welcome guest curator, Vané Broussard! Vané is an interior designer and the founder and editor of Brooklyn Bride, the first blog dedicated to all things modern for weddings. The site started as a visual scrapbook for all the inspiration she was collecting for her wedding, and was soon visited by other brides, editors and vendors alike. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband.

You can find Vané on Twitter @brooklynbride.

Porous Bracelet
By Nervous System

I love the modern edgy feel to this piece…in white it would look amazing on a bride.

Rainbow Rings Clock
By Chroma Lab

I’m a big fan of color, so this clock is a total winner for me.

More than Glaser
By Victore NYC

This tongue-in-cheek sentiment would be amazing hanging on the wall.

LOVE Personalized Names Poster

A perfect wedding gift for the hip couple in your life!

Fortune Posters
By The Best Part

Who doesn’t love fortune cookies? Now in poster size with awesome graphics!

Inkblot Table Runner

This table runner is so fun and modern, in an organic sort of way.

Dosh Street Range- Caddy Wallet
By Dosh

Green is my official color, so this wallet is a must-have. Would make a great groomsman gift too

Golden Medal
By Rebaba

Cheap enough to give to everyone who deserves one!

Chi-Chi 3 Strand Green
By Grain

I’m a big collector of interesting necklaces, so this would definitely make the cut into my collection.

Brick Pillow Cover
By Hazel & Hunter

This pillow would look beautiful on pretty much any sofa.