Guest curator: The Nest

Posted on April 26, 2011 | 0 Comments
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This week’s guest curator picks come from Samantha Leal of The Nest (sister site to popular wedding site The Knot). Samantha is the Editorial Assistant at The Nest and writes for the Décor Trends blog. She’s into all things design, which spans from home décor to fashion.

Find The Nest on Twitter @TheNest.

Slatted Wood Tray

Reminds me of the wood pallets I used to play on as a kid when visiting my papaw at work. Plus, I’m a sucker for natural wood and clean lines.

SLR Camera Diagram Towels

I took three years of photography (Hey, Mr. Hoover!) so I love these. They would make really cute gifts.

Kerr Votive Lantern

Yeah, I want these.

Café America

This chair looks like chain-link fencing. Oh, wait, it is chain-link fencing. So cool.

Whirl Serving Platter

This is such an interesting take on the same ol’ party platter. I love it!

Avocado Salt and Pepper Shaker

A kitschy ode to an all-time fave food. (Plus, it sure beats ordinary salt and pepper shakers.) It’s functional and fun.

Shoot Ring

I’m a HUGE ring person, and this one is like art for your hand.

Wine Tote Bag

A cute little wine carrier, this geometric print bag is perfect for gifting. (Preferably with wine, that’s kind of the whole point.)

Conversation Chair

How amazing is this? I like that the name not only implies that it’s great for holding a convo, but that the piece itself is apt to start a conversation. With the bright color and amazing flow, this would be a great investment piece.

Chicago Neighborhood Poster

I’m a Midwest girl, and a Northwestern grad, so naturally I’m in love with this poster, which features 91 of Chicago’s unofficial neighborhoods in a big, typographic print. In the words of 30 Rock, “I want to go to there.”