Collective Animal Nouns Tea Towel

Posted on May 01, 2011 | 0 Comments
Collective animal nouns tea towel 655 1296089749

Made with100% certified organic fair-trade cotton & printed with eco friendly water-based ink! This tea towel is perfect for all your kitchen needs- covering rising dough, drying your dishes, or as a nice distraction while you wait for your tea to steep!

The list has grown & this towel has many new additions. Some of my favorites include:

- a scold of jays
- a sleuth of bears
- a drift of pigs
- a charm of finches
- a gaze of raccoons
- a prickle of porcupines
- a cackle of hyena
- a romp of otters

Of course, there are so many more, and they are a delight to read and memorize! This tea towel would make a wonderful house warming present for any cook, animal lover, or logophile!

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