Guest curator: Making it Lovely

Posted on August 10, 2011 | 0 Comments
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Nicole Balch is a designer hard at work transforming her so-so century old bungalow into a lovely home. Follow along, offer advice, or just get a glimpse into the creative process at her blog, Making it Lovely.

You can find her on Twitter @makingitlovely

Single Bud Vase
By Cynthia Vardhan Ceramics

Sweet little bud vases in delicate shapes and patterns. Very pretty.

Porcelain Baby Doll Head Planter
By Reshape Studio

These are just the right amount of cool and creepy.

Zuzii Joli Petal Shoe in fuchia
By Zuzii

Ah, way too cute! And since babies love their feet anyway, these could entertain them.

Big Bow Pillow Cover
By Soraam

The least girly bow out there. Love it.

Whale Tissue Holder in light blue
By Sparkle Pony

You can’t look at this without it making you at least a little happy.

Pink Dot Earrings
By k.o’brien jewelery

Simple and pretty, but with enough going on in the color to keep it interesting.

Double Mod Bib Set
By Baby Hobo

It’s surprisingly hard to find cool bibs without phrases like “princess” or big cartoon characters on them. These, I like.

Large Gold Paper Bowl
By Up in the Air Somewhere

I like the mix of precious (gold) with mundane (paper).

Golden Medal
By Rebaba

I like the idea of pinning a modern gold medal on your shirt.

Tiny Basket
By perch!

As I type this, I currently have no idea where my keys are. I need one of these little bowls to keep them corralled.