Guest curator: Moop

Posted on October 05, 2011 | 0 Comments
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Wendy Downs is a designer, manufacturer, entrepreneur and maker. She is the founder and owner of Moop, which specializes in handmade canvas bags for men, women, and sometimes kids. Moop began in a converted mill building in Western Massachusetts and currently operates out of a store front studio in Pittsburgh, PA. You can find Moop on Supermarket at

You can find her on twitter, where she talks mostly about making interesting cocktails and spin class @moopshop, and also her blog.

Peconic Conch Cyanotype
By Handmade on Peconic Bay

As a photographer I love to see when antiquated methods are done in such a beautiful modern way. These cyanotypes seem to lift off the page.

Go Westy
By Sean Tubridy

I drive a Volkswagen. Not this kind! but, I appreciate a beautiful photograph of a quirky car. Especially if it has a stormy sky.

Feather and Chain Earrings
By Noémiah

If I had my ears pierced, I would wear long dangly earrings made of feathers.

Custom Vintage Map Pendant
By Anne Holman

My daughter has one of Anne Holman’s necklaces and she loves it! Though it does not help us navigate the crazy windy streets of Pittsburgh. It just reminds us to love Pittsburgh, even though we can’t find our way around.

Tree of Skulls
By L2 Design Collective

Halloween is just around the coroner. I mean corner. You should send your friends a card. Filled with candy.

By Pink Tank Ltd

I read a lot. Usually my books are marked with old receipts or random pieces of paper I find lying around. This might be one of the best bookmarks I’ve ever seen. I would use this. It would remind me of Pittsburgh and her parking chairs. People put a chair (any old chair) in the road to “mark” their parking spot. As in, I shoveled this spot that one time that it snowed, so now it is mine forever and yinz can’t park here. You see them year round and it is always funny.

Disc String Lights
By Pigeon Toe

String lights get me every time. I would light my entire house with them if I didn’t think my husband would tire of having to explain to everyone that his wife prefers ambient lighting, emitted only from teeny tiny bulbs, to regular bulbs, like regular people.

Monsters Mirror
By nicolaclare

HA! Love this! You’ll always look better than these monsters. Use this small mirror to confirm that fact.

By Square Cat Habitat

If only I could attach this to the back of my couch. And the legs of our dining room table. And the blue arm chair in our bedroom.

Rocker w/ blankie

We were JUST talking about wanting to find a modern (but not too modern) rocking chair for our home. This fits the bill nicely. It even has a built in spot for a blanket. Nicely done.