Guest Curator: Girls Can Tell

Posted on October 24, 2011 | 0 Comments
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Sara Selepouchin is the lady behind Girls Can Tell, a line of homewares, gifts + useful things featuring her diagrammy illustrations. Sara lives and works in South Philadelphia, where she recently opened a little storefront for Girls Can Tell. When she’s not surrounded by tea towels + felt coasters, she likes to work on projects around the 100+ year old rowhouse she shares with her engineer fiancé, try new local craft beers, shop for vintage dresses + make fun of her silly dog, Janie. You can learn more about her work at or learn more about what she’s making, cooking or drinking on twitter @girlscantell.

OSCAR Letter Holder/Wood Mail Organizer
By Less & More Vienna

This would be such an elegant way to make all the junk mail we get look kind of awesome on the kitchen table.

Cable Knit Coaster Set
By Red Bird Ink

Letterpress + cable knit are two of my favorite things, so it’s not shocking that I’m totally smitten with this really beautiful, subtle set of coasters.

Salty Singles!
By perch!

Not only are these salt shakers absolutely gorgeous, but the idea of being able to just buy a single salt shaker is just so sensible + perfect. Who doesn’t have a pepper mill already?

Roped Aster Bracelet
By Bario-Neal

I’m probably biased because these ladies are based in Philadelphia + made my engagement ring, but this bracelet is just so lovely. I love the contrast in the metals, and the shiny flower clasp.

Single Green Dish
By Cynthia Vardhan Ceramics

There can never be too many pretty dishes to put jewelry. I’m amassing a collection of beautiful dishes like these to hold my earrings.

Double Mod Bib Set
By Baby Hobo

So many of my friends are having babies! It’s not easy to find eco-friendly, handmade, modern baby shower gifts, but these bibs from recycled sweats are just the thing!

Silhouetted Wood Coasters
By Peppersprouts

These fancy lady silhouette coasters are the exact right blend between traditional and modern. I have a set of House Coasters from Peppersprouts, so I know from experience that choosing which of her designs to put on my coffee table is not an easy decision. They’re all so fun + well designed.

Nest Earrings
By Meghan Patrice Riley

Earrings that feel fancy enough to really dress up an outfit but simple enough to wear most any day are the best. I know this pair of woven metal earrings would be one of my go-to pairs.

Porcelain Mason Jar Votive
By Revisions Design Studio

Mason jars keep everything organized in my studio – they just have a great familiar homey-ness to them. These porcelain jam jar votive holders would be such a cozy winter gift. (I’d be happy to give you my mailing address if you wanted to send me one!)

Collector Postcards
By studiokmo

I’m almost as obsessed with maps as I am with diagrams, so it’s not shocking that I adore this set of collector postcards, which includes my beloved Philadelphia, as well as places I’d love to visit, like Berlin + Prague.