Say hello to Dark Island City

Posted on August 14, 2013 | 0 Comments
Say hello to dark island city 655 355810200

Dark Island City creates fantastic map prints of iconic buildings and, even better, they’re framed on wood blocks.

From the designer:
Hello, my name is Chris and I currently live in Levittown, NY. Growing up I always had a fascination about houses/building and how they were constructed. I had worked in a architectural/drafting office from 2000-2010. While there I had worked my way up from organizing paperwork and drawing simple things like site plans and maps to working on proposed projects and different types of commercial properties. As the years went on the love for doing that type of work had slowly started to leave me and I was looking for a change in what I did. To this day I still love building and maps but now I just look at them in a different point of view.

Shop all seven designs here.