Guest Curator: Mika Gilmore

Posted on August 20, 2013 | 0 Comments
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Mika Gilmore is a designer living in Boston, MA. She created the hexy wall which is a multi-functional modular storage unit. The hexy wall is adaptable to any space or user, allowing them to configure the modules with great flexibility. Here Mika believes that art and design find each-other, creating a gorgeous sculptural solution to functional storage cubbies. She believes in taking chances and seeking solutions to enhance quality of like with great design!

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Coming soon…look for Mika’s hexy wall on Supermarket!

Whirl Bowl by Kim Westad
This reminds me of an orange, the form is seamlessly executed in the material, and it is just simple and gorgeous.

Lexi Tote in Harris Tweed by breagha
This looks very usable. I like how it uses the material in a new fun way, it looks sturdy and friendly.

Solstice Lamp by Ample
Simple and clean, just the way I like it. This is a peice I can absolutely see using in my house. I like that it is high design, but not over done.

Cube octahedron earrings by Bandada
I love the octa – hexa forms, as you know by now, and I think these are glamorous and modern!

Wood Office Organizer-August by LESS & MORE Vienna
Utilitarian! What a great way to store all your pens, and to make sure you aren’t accumulating too many pens! I find that the more we store visually the less likely we are to over consume, or re-buy. The junk drawer does have a purpose but I perfer systems like this.

Claylight Sconce – Dot pattern by lightexture
I want to put this in my baby’s nursery! I love the motif and how it really influences the ambiance of a room! Once again simple materials, and really straight forward design with a lot of impact!

Perc ~ Iconic Espresso Cups by FC
This is frank! I love his cups! What a terrific concept!

Light Bulb Candlestick, The Incandelescent by Revisions Design Studio
Kind of a funny one huh! I like the irony and the simple execution / casting of the bulb. I feel like these would be a fun gift to give!