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Say hello to arquitectura en vidrio 655 677798582

Sicus – Red Necklace

Welcome to arquitectura en vidrio, a new jewelry and home shop with handcrafted earrings, necklaces, rings. And check out the organic design of the “Hole Ombre” table lamp!

From the designer:
My name is Gabriel González. I am Argentine by birth, and twelve years ago I moved to Barcelona, a beautiful Mediterranean city.
In recent years I have specialized in the craft of glass and its application to interior architecture and contemporary design. Personally, I look for images in its essence recreated through transparency, light and color, changing the footprint and its environment.
I transform glass into unique and original pieces, made by conjugating traditional processes and technology in order to achieve quality finishes.

Check out their shop here!

Nanna – handmade black and white ring

Table Lamp Hole Ombre