Guest Curator: Dana LeBlanc

Posted on November 19, 2013 | 0 Comments
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My passion for jewelry design began when I started making bracelets and earrings for myself when I was 8. In 2003, the once childhood hobby blossomed into a serious business endeavor and Dana LeBlanc Designs was born. I love the unique designs you find on Supermarket HQ. Based on my selections, you will see my quirky style.

Twitter: @DLeBlancDesigns

What Dana LeBlanc thinks is Super…

Winston-Salem city print by studiokmo
Winston-Salem is my hometown and I collect art relating to cities, so this is definitely on my wish list!

Deer Bust Modern by Fenno Fivecoat
I love faux taxidermy and this one is so modern and has a manly feel, so I think my other half would like it as well.

Owl Towel set of two by Branch Handmade
I am an owl collector and these cute towels would look great in my kitchen. I’ll definitely add these to my Christmas wish list!

Arms and Crafts Bowling by KRASZNAI ceramics
I love unusual home decor and these would fit in well with my collection. This designer has lots of other fun pieces that make you look twice!

Baby mustache bib by SewnNatural
I have a nephew on the way and I think this would be a perfect gift for the newborn.

Nutty Greeting Card by INKLOSURES
My husband and I don’t usually exchange cards, but this one is on my list the next time a special occasion arises.

BLING! Ardi gold skull by iamhome
Again, another unusual piece to add to my home decor collection. This skull is made out of poured plastic and gold paint, so no humans were sacrificed in the making of this piece. ;-)

Geo Arrows sweater by Alyssa Zukas
This sweater is perfect, I love the arrow design and these are my colors.

Orange Bird print by Geraldo Valerio
I love the vintage look to this piece and I am a fan of bird art. There is a lot of other great bird art in the designer’s collection.