Apothecary Cabinet Made of Reclaimed Cypress and Milkpaint

Posted on April 15, 2014 | 0 Comments
Apothecary cabinet made of reclaimed cypress and milkpaint 655 1052159010

Historically used to house medications, elixirs, herbs and the like in the 1800’s, Apothecary cabinets were the common use in the absence of drug stores. Some cabinets even had nailed, or secret compartments storing poisons and hard to find spices.

Whether you fill with drugstore remedies or at-home created potions, our Apothecary cabinet is built to create a storage display for one’s washroom needs.

Mindful of the moisture and humidity within washrooms and areas apothecary objects would live, we have built our cabinet and caddies using reclaimed antique Cypress. Cypress produces its own preservative oil, it is naturally impervious to decay and rot, and is resistant to splitting and warping.

-reclaimed Cypress
-hardware for hanging
-reclaimed wood finished with Tung Oil and white milk paint

Inches: Cabinet – 24" tall by 16" wide by 4" deep
Shelves – top shelf 6", middle 7" and bottom shelf 8" (all shelves are 3.25" deep)

Metric: Cabinet- 61 cm by 40.6 cm by 10.2 cm
Shelves – top shelf 15.2 cm, middle 17.8 cm and bottom shelf 20.3 cm (all shelves are 8.3 cm deep)


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