Aldermere Egg Tray

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Aldermere egg tray 655 939872618

Aldermere Egg Tray, 2 shapes, each holding a dozen eggs. Made from reclaimed Cypress.
As we often say, the objects that we make stem from our own personal need. And though I can boast of breaking only two (and they were a sad two!) of our chicken’s eggs, we have been needing a tray that would inhibit the free roaming nature of our eggs upon our table as well as something of simple beauty that would show off the likewise, simple beauty of the eggs that are one of nature’s fascinating edible offerings.
Eggs, only fairly recently plucked from normal living and exchanged for the thin-shelled, pale-yellow-yolked, less healthful, factory farmed eggs, prove ever-fascinating in our household. At a recent celebration of our eldest boy turning 6, there was much excitement with the discovery of one warm blue egg. One boy tapped it against the coop, insisting it was not real (fortunately the thick shell saved it from cracking). His sister then scooped it up and held it as carefully as one would a wounded creature or precious treasure! She ran like the Pied Piper with all of the children in tow to the kitchen where even the non-children were impressed…
Our egg tray is built from reclaimed Cypress from 19th century mushroom farms.
MEASUREMENTS: (select option from drop down menu)
Inches: 14 wide x 5 deep x 2.5 tall
Metric: 35.5 cm wide x 12.5 cm deep x 6.5 cm tall

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