Wallow in the sea or a shipreck? – interactive wall sticker

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Wallow in the sea or a shipreck interactive wall sticker 655 819671796


A playful and interactive wall sticker with a sea swiming theme.
The characters have their faces and other elements made out of chalkboard vinyl. This way you can change their mood as you please: some of them can be laughing, others can be serious or huffy. So, you can recreate eather a shipreck, or a peaceful wallow in the sea. You can even influence the weather by using the water drops as swiming splashes or rain drops.

wall vinyl + chalkboard vinyl
dark blue + taupe + ice blue + red + black (chalkboard vinyl)
~190×160cm (74.8’’x62.99’’)

The elements of the composition may be placed in different ways on the wall, so the final dimensions may vary.
You will have: 4 characters, set of 19 waves, set of 5 clouds + water drops, set of 6 birds, 1 lighthouse and white chalk.

We use self-adhesive wall vinyl that ,once removed, will not ruin your surface.

You will receive a TEST wallsticker, please test you wall first !

To not affect the adhesion surfaces to which the material is applied must be thoroughly cleaned from dust, grease or any contamination, they shouldn,t be porous or structured. Coats of paint must be dry. The wall should be well made and painted with washable paint.

Decals can be applied to any clean, smooth and flat surfaces. You can paste them on walls, furniture, windows etc.

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