I smell lavender in this acorn - wait, it's a sachet!

Posted on October 14, 2014 | 0 Comments
I smell lavender in this acorn wait it s a sachet  900 77909024

It is the acorn season, and being obsessed with cute little acorn caps, I've been collecting lots and lots of these lately.

I used to live in SF, and while living there, I found a quilting fabric store in the Sunset. I immediately fell in love with all of their fine prints, and started buying yards and yards of fabric, just so I could have it in my room.

I finally decided to make something out of it, and made these adorable lavender-filled sachets with acorn caps. It's quite fragrant, and I love having them in next to my bed. I went a little overboard and made three varieties; a garland sachet, an ornament (so you can hang it easily), and the regular single kind.

Hope you enjoy these too! They're now available in singles, ornaments, and garlands.