How to come up with great gift ideas for kids

Posted on December 17, 2014 | 0 Comments
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It seems marketing to kids with Christmas gift ideas starts approximately two hours after the fourth of July. With many messages and options it can be overwhelming to discern what a child really wants and what they’ve been programmed to put on a list. The good news is that if you really know a child you probably have enough information to make a great choice. If you’re someone who likes a little structure, consider this little categorical list as you come up with great gift ideas for kids.

Something they want
This is the traditional Christmas gift category. What are they dying for? What do they say at 100 miles an hour, like Ralphie from A Christmas Story? Dolls, bikes, video games, board games, electronics— this is the category for all of that stuff. Have fun with it!

Something they need
Most young kids don’t get super excited about opening a new pair of jeans or some snow boots that actually fit. But if they know it’s coming, they’ll learn to appreciate it. This category covers everything from clothing to school needs and beyond. There’s lots of room for fun here—needed doesn’t mean boring!

A surprise
What’s something you think the special kid in your life would love? They don’t know everything on the market, and they may think some things are out of reach. This is a chance to really show them how well you know them. To be loved is to be known, and this category is all about expressing that. Maybe it’s pottery lessons or a father-daughter trip to the aquarium. Think outside the box!

Something to read
Even kids who wouldn’t self-identify as big readers can find something they love. Ask for help at a book store and don’t forget things like graphic novels or read-along books for younger kids. Reading together is an important habit to get into, and teachers are often happy to help with a list of age-appropriate suggestions.

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