Keep Your Resolutions: Products that Help Keep You on Track

Posted on February 09, 2015 | 0 Comments
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New Year's Resolutions are in the air, and while you’re working toward losing weight, getting in shape or just eating healthier now—the truth is, many resolutions fizzle out after a few weeks. Research suggests that making resolutions with a partner increases the likelihood that you will meet your goals, but we think having the right equipment can be just as effective. With these products that inspire, encourage and assist, you can see your resolution through and be on your way to a better, healthier or happier you.

If your resolution is to work out more, but you have trouble finding time to hit the gym, try the Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair. Its sturdy base and balance ball set will help you develop core muscles in any environment, whether it’s at home or at work.

Drinking more water is essential for weight loss and overall health, but for some, the taste doesn’t pack enough punch. Try adding some flavor with the Citrus Juicer from Zing Anything. It comes with a detachable juicer so you can add the natural tastes of orange, lime or lemon to your water.

Supermarket designers offer a great a variety of workout gear. Try the “Eat Clean, Train Dirty” tank top from Glamfoxx. It’s flowy, lightweight and motivational.

The Kitchen Safe may be the ultimate product for keeping your resolution. Great for helping you stick to your guns— whether its eating healthier, watching less TV or being more productive— it has a BPA-free container that can hold anything from snack cakes to the TV remote. Just place the item in the safe, set the timer (which goes up to 10 day) and once it’s set, the safe cannot be opened until that time.