Rule the Runway: 2015 Fashion Trends for the Jewelry Junkie

Posted on February 15, 2015 | 0 Comments
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Every year people gather around their TVs and computers for the succession of “Fashion Weeks” across the globe. New York, London, Milan, Paris—each show is pored over to assess the upcoming year’s fashion trends. And while articles will be written, pictures will be taken and social media will explode with buzz about the shirts, skirts, pants, dresses and shoes, sometimes the jewelry fashion trends get overlooked. Each model is deliberately styled, and his or her clothes are paired with hot new accessories—especially jewelry. So for all you jewelry junkies, we are offering a fashion week prequel of 2015’s jewelry must-haves:

Trend: Metal
Be on the lookout for jewelry crafted from unusual metals. It’s out with the typical silver and gold and in with dark, rustic materials like tungsten, steel, brass and copper. Many of these pieces are also part of a trend known as “hardware” jewelry and are adorned with nuts, bolts, wire, chains and rope. A reaction to over-the-top-bling or simply a fleeting trend is yet to be determined, but we love the rich colors and unique creativity.

Check out the brass Licorice Cuff from Supermarket’s Metal Sugar. It’s sturdy without being too heavy on the wrist, and will look great with a variety of outfits.

Trend: That’s so 70s
Chunky, 70s jewelry is about to hit the runway as a complement to the matching 70s clothes, including flowing skirts and fringe in tie-dye and paisley. Throw on your faded jeans with a stylish wrap and oversized sunglasses, but don’t forget to adorn it with an oversized necklace, an arm full of bangles or colorful earrings.

Iram-inal Designs features their Ceraja Recycled Wood Woven Necklace via Supermarket. Each necklace is made from repurposed wood from South America and the Southern Pacific Islands and is stained with non-toxic paint and dyes.

Trend: Statement earrings
Large, long, even mismatched—statement earrings are a major player in 2015 fashion. Shoulder-length earrings from Loewe’s and mismatched, uniquely shaped pieces from Nina Ricci will be all the rage this season. These accessories will be easy to pair and swap with the 70s themed jewelry—plus, they’re a great excuse to wear your hair pulled back.

XXL Feather Earring Summertime by Supermarket’s MO Designs is a great example of the size, color and texture this season’s earrings will be about. This is a single earring, which can be worn alone (a huge trend last season) or paired with another great earring for an interesting look that will grab everyone’s attention.

Trend: Crystals
Marble, rock, quartz—crystals are in! No matter whether you choose the one associated with your birthday or one that comes in your favorite jewelry, crystals will be everywhere this season. Try a single crystal as the charm on your necklace or an entire bracelet of brilliant hues and textures.

Supermarket vendor Layer has a beautiful set of Crystal Point Earrings that will have you ahead of the fashion curve this season. Grab this cluster of dangling crystals suspended from silver, wear one or both, and you’ll look like you stepped right off the Paris runway!