Nature You Can Wear: Five Unique Jewelry Pieces Inspired by Nature

Posted on March 18, 2015 | 0 Comments
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Many artisans draw inspiration from the natural world that surrounds them. The delicate bend in a branch can translate into the curve of a necklace. The color of a Western sky at sunset becomes the inspiration for a ceramic vase. Shapes, textures and hues that Mother Nature delivers on a regular basis can be transformed by the artist’s mind reimagined into something that can be appreciated each and every day.

One of the best ways to translate this trend to your wardrobe? Jewelry! Check out five unique picks below, which make great gifts—for you or someone special.

The Sand Dunes Ring by FLUX Atelier mimicks the sweeping curves and lines of a sand dune, this ring brings the beach to your wardrobe in a modern, updated way.

Flowers never go out of style! This Flowers Pendant by Lola Riera Jewelry is a hand made pendant with bunch of flowers together on small box pendant.

Wood is good right now, with the element popping up everywhere—including jewelry.
The Gold Tree Trunk Necklace by Jessica DeCarlo is hand carved in wax and cast into sterling silver, then heavily coated with 18k gold. It has six times the amount of gold versus a regular plating!

The Linked Tree Lace Pendant by Melissa Borrell comes on a 16'' steel cable. The pendant is available is stainless steel, black, red, and turquoise.

The Sand Dollar Necklace by Astridland is a beautiful Florida coast sand dollar, cast in sterling silver and hung on a sterling silver chain.