Road Trip! Sweet Finds for the Road this Summer

Posted on May 20, 2015 | 0 Comments
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Summer is almost here. For some reason, the long days and warm nights invoke the feeling that anything can happen. If you’re itching to get away, join the ranks of other road warriors: phone a friend, pack a bag, fill up your gas tank and hit the road! Make a plan, or just drive until you have to fill up again—either way, you’ll make memories that will last a lifetime.

Once you’ve hit the open road, we guarantee you’ll be hooked. Check out these items for the road trip junkie!

First, check the map. The Altered States Fantasy Screen Print Map of the USA by Chop Shop is an illustrated map of the United States populated with the legendary events and characters from popular science-fiction, horror and fantasy. References include Star Trek, Jurassic Park, E.T., Back to the Future, Indiana Jones, Doctor Who, The Walking Dead and more. The print is a large 36x24 color poster print that will make a great addition to your travel memorabilia.

Express your state pride no matter where you travel with a necklace that will easily become your favorite accessory. With the State Necklace by Amy Bengston Jewelry, you can choose your state and wood combination for a beautiful pendant that will hang from an 18 inch chain. Each all-wood pendant is made to order and features a single inlaid heart, and you can choose your combination from maple inlaid with rosewood, bamboo inlaid with rosewood, bloodwood inlaid with bamboo or rosewood inlaid with bamboo

Check out The Tour Diary by Allison Cole, posted by Supermarket vendor Little Otsu. This travel planner serves as a fun companion on the road to help you plan what to pack, where to stop and even what to eat! Complete with an address book, calendar, journal and scrapbook pages, this travel log will help you to plan and commemorate your favorite road trips for years to come!

The New Orleans Louisiana Map Pendant Keychain from Avant Garde Design is just one of their many map designs. These keychains come with maps of almost every state and a variety of international destinations for the true travel junkie. Each one is made from an authentic map, and will look great on your keys. Collect one for every state you visit or the one from your all-time favorite!

If traveling is part of your DNA, you probably want to show it off in any way possible. Check out the mini wallets by Ideaka, including the map of Boston and the Underground. Made from different maps around the world, these wallets have room for your money, credit cards and business cards. They are vegan friendly, made from paper and vinyl and are guaranteed to be thick, strong and durable.

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