Notice Frames are a Great Holiday Gift

Posted on November 19, 2010 | 0 Comments
Notice frames are a great holiday gift 655 1413459095

Whether your an artist or simply bored at the office we all tend to doodle and draw as a form of expression.

The Notice, Sticky Note Frame allows you to capture these moments of expression and display them in a beautiful, neo classical frame!

OK, so that sketch of your coffee cup wasn’t so great after all… simply tear off to the the next sheet in your sticky note pad and write a reminder note for you roommate to take out the trash.

The ability to clear the canvas, as often as you like, guarantees that this frame will always hold something interesting…if not relative.

Since just about everything looks better in a frame, the Notice, Sticky Note Frame is the perfect holiday gift for all the doodlers out there!

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